Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Why Kids Should Not Go To Malls

Guess who enjoyed my weekend birthday celebration in the mall... ^_^

She went ga-ga over the toys and walkers! She even wanted to sit on one of the walkers. We had to explain to her and convince her that she is already big for walkers. Good thing, she relented and contented herself by just playing with the toys!

On the next day, we were forced into buying these Winnie-The-Pooh bags because she won’t take it off after Daddy let her try them on. We tried to negotiate into buying just one and let her pick which one we will get. But to no avail. She won’t let go of either of the bags so we ended up buying both!

Ok fine, daanin na lang kami sa pa-cute!

I guess, I will have to ban her from going to the malls... like I can!


  1. Ouch, dalawa agd. Imagine nlng if you have twins. Minsan lng nmn daw sabi ni Amber :)

  2. her charm really works! :) aynako,pag ganito ba naman ka-cute ang magpapabili sayo sa mall,ok lang kahit dalawa pa.hehe!

  3. @em- korek, minsan lang yan kasi yan na ang gagamitin nya pag pumasok sha sa nursery! kelangan sulitin. haha!

    @jo- i didn't want to give in sana, baka masanay e, kaso yun daddy saka lola kunsintidor! :)


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