Friday, November 18, 2011

On Boxing And Moving On

It just occurred to me... the Pacquiao-Marquez fight reminds me of Real Steel (the latest movie I watched)!

Although of course, they’re not really the same-same in every details but one reminds me of the other every time I think about either of their fights.

For one, they’re both about boxing.

The invincible Zeus’ reputation has been tainted when Atom knocked him out twice! The defending champion Pacquiao took in too many punches from Marquez!

Atom did damage to Zeus. Marquez undeniably hurt Pacquiao with his powerful counter-punches!

Both fights reached their final rounds.

The defending champions were still pronounced winners.

The public questioned the decisions and cheered for those who didn't win.

Both have People’s Champs! Although in the movie, it was the underdog Atom, in real life, it’s the winner Pacquiao.


Wala lang... I still am not over Real Steel, Pacquiao and Marquez... 

Okay-okay!!! I’m moving on. ^_^

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