Monday, November 21, 2011

Gram’s Diner

Anticipating the heavy traffic last Friday, we decided to have our dinner before going home. 

We went to a restaurant that we haven’t tried yet, Gram’s Diner in Molito, Alabang. The very well lit restaurant is just so enticing that we walked in without even bothering to know first of their menu. I just know they serve steak from the smell of it! The drawings of cartoon strip characters on the walls also gave the place a casual feel.

The Hubby is watching Mighty Joe Black while I busy myself documenting 

As I sat down on our table, I noticed that they are serving Pepsi Sodas and that gave me a big smile because I’ll be having what else but bottomless dew!

They have nice glossy pictures of steaks, burgers and chicken on their menu, which are dominantly American dishes. The prices of the food are ok except for the drinks which I find so expensive! Bottomless soda costs P95!!! That means I have to consume 4.5 liters to make it sulit. :P

I wasn't really hungry so I had a hard time choosing what to order. In the end, I settled for a Carbonara while the Hubby ordered for Chicken Barbecue. I tried to sway the Hubby into ordering steak but he said he’s not in the mood and wanted to try the ‘Devilishly Good BBQ Chicken’, which I say was a very good choice! I tried a few bites and I liked it!

I also commend the servers for attentively refilling my soda. I didn’t have to call them to make the refill, which should be expected for a bottomless drink and which some restaurants that offer the same forget to take note of. I’m not mentioning the restaurant but there is one that we recently went to na we only got to make a single refill dahil maiimbyerna ka lang sa katatawag at kaabang ng servers.

We will definitely go back and try their other dishes, especially the burgers and steaks, some other time! ^_^  


  1. My question is.. naka-ilang refill ng Mountain dew ka, sis?
    Mukhang yummy jan ha :) and it's not a good sight to see lalo na kung nagda-diet ang taong nagbabasa ng post na to :(

  2. hahaha! wala e... di umabot sa quota. i had 4 lang. ^_^

    that's the point, if you can't stick to a diet, make everyone else want to eat too by showing them nice and yummy food! haha, damay-damay lang yan! tara, kain tayo! harharhar.


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