Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Date Friday: Real Steel

I couldn’t believe that I cried for this film! I think I’m being utterly soft-hearted lately! Haaaiiz!

I initially wanted to watch Tower Heist to have some good laugh. But the next screening is at 10:10PM. So late! The Hubby suggested for us to watch Real Steel instead since the traffic is just crazy outside, he’d rather pass time watching any movies than being stuck in the heavy traffic. So Real Steel in G4 Cinema it is!

For a movie about steel, this one surprisingly has a heart.

But hey, I didn’t cry because of the boxing robots. Those scenes were rather amusing and downright funny! Boxing robots... think about that!

What deeply moved me were Charlie and Max’s scenes. There was undeniably an overflowing emotion between the estranged father and son as they found love and earned each other’s respect thru their love in boxing and video games respectively.

I couldn’t help not to shed a tear seeing how the teary-eyed Max looked at his father with pure admiration as Charlie, in his full glory, was shadow-playing the robot Atom, a second generation robot which Max saved from a scrap yard. The look in the boy’s eyes just touched me. Argh! Am I just being mellow dramatic or what?!?!
Sorry, I couldn't find a picture of that scene but isn't Dakota Goyo a real charmer?

The story happened in the year 2020. The gadgets were a bit futuristic but the environment is pretty much the same. Even the cars didn’t seem to evolve into a more ultramodern design. That was according to the car-person that is my Hubby. Well, I don’t also expect them to be flying around in that era just yet.  ;-)

In the end, despite it's poor rating and talks about it being purely 'scrap' (
no pun intended), I enjoyed the movie. But something I will not watch with my child/ren to spare me from humiliating myself by crying while they give out a loud and exciting cheer at the fighting bots. ^_~


  1. Nagdalawang isip ako whether I will finish reading this post or not. Haha. Akala ko may spoiler ulit. But still, i read the post padin. How I wish meron ng ready for download nyan *wink wink*

  2. no spoiler this time (hmm, konti lang, hehe). medyo reserved na kwento ko, antok na kasi ako. wait a bit, magkakaroon din yan. haha!


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