Friday, November 11, 2011

TGIF & A Weekend Bet

I am so looking forward to tomorrow!!! ^_^

The Hubby and I have this bet that whoever wakes up and gets out of bed first tomorrow (that’s Saturday) will be the one to give Amber a bath for 2 days!

He is really serious about this bet that he even cancelled his biking appointment. Haha! Desidido sha na magbabad sa kama maghapon!

Why we had to drag Amber in this bet? Kasi the Hubby has never bathed Amber nor cleaned her when she poops. Other than these, he can already manage but these 2 things he really really dreads doing.

Come to think of it, I should have been more brutal and change the bet into cleaning Amber when she poops, instead of giving her a bath which is relatively easier! Yeah, I think that would be a better idea... maybe I can still change the provision of the bet, I hope he agrees! *witchy laughter on the background*

What propped this bet? Eh kasi naman, every day we complain about lack of sleep. We usually sleep at 11PM. I wake up at 3:30AM to take a bath then I wake the Hubs up an hour after. Ganun kami araw-araw on weekdays!

So we decided to sleep as long as we’d like to every weekend but the Hubby always wakes up at 7, then he’d feel groggy afterwards and regrets not sleeping long enough. So ayun, nagpustahan na lang kami para hindi sha katihin na gumising ng maaga! Wish us luck but place your bets on me! I am so going to win this!!! Harharhar!

I wonder how it is like watching the 2 of them creating havoc in the bathroom... Oh well... ^_^


  1. haha ang kulit,goodluck naman sa pustahan nyong mag-asawa! waking up at 3AM everyday,bongga ka dyan sis.takaw tulog din kase ako :)

  2. Grabe! OA ang gising at tulog niyo pag weekdays :( Lipat na kayo ng South para more time for Amber. Anyways, I'm placing my bet on you :) Let the hubby do the cleaning of the poop and bathing of Amber for a change :)

  3. ini-embrace ko na nga lang ang eyebags eh. wala na magawa e. isip ko na lang pinagpuyatan ko din naman kaya accept na lang.

    huhu! i've been cheated!!! :(


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