Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dinner at Conti's

This is still a part of our MMG day that I almost forgot to publish. Yeah, it was a loooong day! ^_^ 

After we have said goodbyes to Hubby's relatives, we (us and Tita Let) planned to eat at Banapple in Katipunan on our way home but the place, as always, was jampacked! They better do something about their parking space. We've been trying to eat there several times but the long lines of vehicles had been stopping us in doing so. So we settled in Conti's, which surprisingly had fewer vehicles in queue. Perhaps, our lucky day! 

Tita Let, Mama and Kate deciding what to get themselves.

Amber made her choice, too!

Daddy confirming Amber's order.

Here’s what we had...
Mama had Carbonara

Tita Let had Parmesan Fish Fillet

The Hubby had Steak and Eggs

And I ordered Prawn Pasta

This Lechon Kawali was shared between Mama, Tita Let & Kate

I wasn't able to take a picture of Kate's order of Pan Grilled Chops, which meat has bigger slices that that of Daddy's Steak, and the Cake Overload that is supposedly the Hubby's order but the group ended up sharing!

It seemed that everybody enjoyed their meal because I didn't hear anyone comment on what they got, maybe they were too hungry to even say a word as they eat. ^_^ My Prawn Pasta would have been perfect except that it was too oily for me and at some point it was bland. I had to put on an extra amount of Parmesan Cheese to make it flavorful.

Despite my long overdue cravings for a Blueberry Cheesecake, I didn't give in to temptation and order for a slice. Good thing! Because we were given a slice of it and Mango Cheesecake as complimentary desserts.

The Mango Cheesecake is yummy. I like its sweet-sour combination. Even the cheesecake has a nice texture. The Blueberry Cheesecake was a disappointment though. Glad I didn't order because I will terribly be upset had I paid for it. The cheesecake tasted of gelatin. Even the texture is like that of hard gelatin. I don't know, basta, I didn't like. Nothing, of the other Conti's cakes I've tasted so far, can still beat Mango Bravo! 

Here are Mama (left) and Tita Let, with very satisfied smiles.

And of course, Amber, who just ate the mixed fruits that came with Daddy's steak.

There you go... a long and exhausting, nevertheless fun day! As soon as we got home, Amber only said, "sleep tayo!" then snored.  ^_^


  1. I like Amber's smile on your first photo sis.ready talaga sa photo op! :) nice family bonding, no wonder long weekend is love,love,love.hehe! plan na ulit for the upcoming long weekend :)

  2. thank you daw po, tita joan! ^_^

    ay dapat talaga may celebration this coming weekend because there is something to celebrate about. ;-)

  3. What's the celebration about? :)

    Sorry, i just got back. Akira was hospitalized for 3 days. Although hindi uso ang long weekend sa company ni hubby, lumabas na super looong ang weekend niya.

    I'll try to be back to blogging soon. Namiss ko kaya kyo! Wla nmn kcng wifi sa hospital :(

  4. so that was what kept you away... what happened to akira??? why was she confined? i hope she's more than okay now,... i pray!

    you are greatly missed, too. thought you were somewhere vacationing. haaay, i feel sad when kids get sick. kawawa talaga sila. be okay na, akira... shoo away the viruses!

    wala naman celebration pa... just got hungry after that long day in Manila Memorial. This weekend, may celebration! ^_~

  5. She's doing fine now. She was diagnosed with UTI. But thank God kasi unti unti ng kumukulit.

    Speaking of cheescake, i loss my appetite na. I guess nasobrahan ako. After maubos nung first batch, i made another one. But this time, sinabayan ko ng mango float and ref cake. Kaya ayun major LBM ang ngyari saken. Effective pangpapayat pero not recommended. Hehe. But sis, the cheesecake recipe is a must try. Pag natikman mo yun, i think hindi mo na mgugustuhan kumain ng iba :)

  6. ay talaga?!?! sige, sige, i'll try it this weekend! fingers crossed. sana lang hindi ako dalawin ng katamaran. hehe!

    me heading to your blog to check the recipe... *poof*


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