Tuesday, November 08, 2011

It's Somebody's Birthday! ^_^

Hi everyone! My name is Amber and today, I will be gracing Mommy’s blog as I will share with you how we celebrated her birthday.

Yes, it was her birthday last Sunday. ^_^

As you all know, Mommy doesn’t like parties because that requires too much effort she said. Instead, she only had one request from Daddy – that we go to the Puss in Boots Meet and Greet event in Festival Mall on Saturday, the day before her actual birthday.

She said she likes me to be there and see the characters live in person! Isn’t my Mommy sweet?

So we went to Festival Mall with Nanay. But Mommy was very disappointed when we got there. The event was already finished. Yes, we didn’t make it there on time because Daddy came late from biking in Sta. Rosa. Mommy had pursed lips the entire time until we had our dinner.

Mommy was really upset. I think it's really her who wanted to see the Puss In Boots characters  more than me. Teehee! ^_^

Anyhow, she was already her usual bubbly self when we were about to order dinner at Las Paellas Cafe.

They had a hard time choosing what to order.

In the end, they got themselves these:
Calamares, P158.00
As a starter, they ordered Calamares. I only ate the breading. They said that the squid is gummy, I have no idea what that means! ^_^

Nanay chose the Baby Back Ribs. It was quite a big serving for her. I tasted bits of it and it was flavorful. 
Baby Back Ribs, P345.00

Mommy naman order for Beef Salpicao. She said that the meat is tender and despite the big slices of toasted garlic, it wasn't overpowering. The garlic rice is more garlicky than the salpicao.
Salpicao, P245.00

Daddy braved himself with a Pepper Steak. We were surprised that he didn't get scared of the ground pepper corns! The serving is very small though. It looked like burger steak with lots of pepper! But Daddy said that the taste is ok but the serving is bitin!
Peppered Steak, P385.00

Mommy also had this... It looked good, I know! But the taste she said is so-so. 
Iced Cafe Mocha, P60.00

In the end, Mommy and Nanay said that they should've ordered Paella instead since this is their house specialty. Maybe they would've enjoyed their first experience in this restaurant more. Nonetheless, trying their Paella next time gives us a good reason to come back. And oh! They kept calling me SENORITA there!  ^_^



  1. Hey Amber! I missed you and your mommy. Please greet her a very happy birthday for me. Wishing you more blessings to come :)

  2. thank you, tita em! i look forward to meeting you and playing with akira soon. ^_^


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