Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fishy Monday

It was a special non-working holiday last Monday and the Hubby was tasked to clean the aquarium and transfer it to the garage, near the gate so that we can make use of the space it has been occupying inside the house the fish can experience natural light. ^_^

The aquarium at home has been very neglected. I can’t remember how many fish had died in there probably because of starvation and of water pollution that was brought about by dust and other bacteria that has lived in the water. Eeew

There are only 3 teeny-weeny gold fish and 1 incy-wincy koi left.

We thought it impossible but with the power of our minds and hubby’s will to finish the task, we – the Hubby, Kate and Me, was able to lift the fairly huge aquarium out of the house.

The Hubby scrubbed it while I cleaned the rocks and shells. Ok, I just squirted water on those rocks hoping that whatever is in them, be washed away! I was afraid to hold any of it noh! ~_~

After the entire afternoon, the fishieses are back in their squeaky clean home...

Forgive that I wasn’t able to take a picture of the entire aquarium, I was totally engrossed at the itsy-bitsy gold fish as they try to go around the stone ‘cave’ that the Hubby made for them.

By the way, we plan this coming week to bring in housemates for these 4 jolly fellahs so they can party all day long inside their spacious home.

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