Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Books Galore!

Amber welcomes her newest books. But before I show them to you, here’s how excited Amber was that she instantly laid them out on the Mickey Mouse mat that she personally chose. We will use this mat nga pala when we visit our departed loved ones on All Souls Day. ^_^

The mat costs P99. ^_^

This is one of the first in her Christmas books collection -- The Nutcraker:

The second is about the busy penguins as they prepare for Christmas:

Her first Curious George book:

A story about Polly and how everybody made an effort to play with her to make her happy:

A heart-warming story about Balto, the dog:

A classic Winnie-the-Pooh book. Look at how differently Winnie looks in this book. ^_^

And my favorite on this batch -- Mommy loves her Bunny. The bunnies in the cover are textured: 

Inside the book are pictures of different animals and their mommies. Of course, there is also that of a child and his mommy. ^_^

Prices of these books range from P45 ~ P120. Enough reason to heart Booksale! 

Btw, Daddy also hearts Booksale now! Because he finds back issues of his favorite car magazines here at 50-75% off the price! ^_^


  1. nice title ng mga books sis.parang gusto ko tuloy mag-Book Sale later kung ganyan kagaganda makikita ko.hehe!

    may Mickey Mouse mat din si Xian, ibang design nga lang kase naubusan na sya McQueen.instant hit talaga yung mat na yan sa mga nanay shoppers nung bumili kami,halos lahat ng lumalabas may dalang ganyan ;)

  2. go na sis! bring lots of patience lang with you. minsan kasi elusive yang mga books na yan e. hehe.

    korek! tapos mura pa kaya mega hit sha. ^_^

  3. The last time I went to Booksale, I was only able to buy 2 books. Parang lahat yta ng hindi maganda, dito napunta samin :(

    Although hit kay Akira yung isang book na nabili ko. In fact, Khan doesn't to buy her a new book yet kc baka daw mawala ang effect ni "Large" kay Akira. Hehehe.

  4. teka, bigla ako napaisip... did i miss any of your blog entries? bakit parang di ko maalala kung sino si Large?!? isip-isip...

  5. oops, hindi ko pa pala napopost si Small at Large. Maglalaba lng ako then upload ko na :)


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