Friday, November 18, 2011

Household Korean Craze

My Mom-in-law is so hooked into Korean Dramas and K-Pop. Promise! She never leaves her laptop anymore because she watches episodes after episodes of Korean Drama. When the internet fails her, she content herself by watching K-Pop concerts and music videos. Minsan, pinag-iinitan yung internet, dapat daw ipa-upgrade namin kasi ambagal ma-download nung dramas nya. She even sings with every song on its soundtrack. Alam at nasusundan nya yung lyrics! Kaloka!

She must have gotten the habit from my SIL, who is a die-hard fan of Korean dramas and music, when she took a vacation with her.

I remember when we fetched her up at the airport when she came back, we have waited so long for her in the arrival area that we thought maybe she had taken a flight instead to Korea, without any of us knowing.

Now, even Amber says “An Yeong”, “Ishima” and “Hamnida”

I learned that Chloe, SIL’s 2-year old daughter is also a big K-Pop fan! She holds a microphone while she sings and dances ala-K-Pop!

The family is being possessed by Koreans! Lol!

Oh, by the way, she really wants to go to Korea! She even purchased a Korean magazine that features tourist spots and how to go around Korea with ease. Ikaw na, Ma! Hahaha!


  1. ay,ang cool naman ni mom-in-law!hehe.Yung mga pinsan ko din na kids kabisado lyrics ng korean songs,kaloka! hirap ata ako imemorize yun! :)

  2. di ko nga rin ma-imagine kung pano nya namemorize. ang galing e, nasasabayan nya talaga. ^_^


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