Friday, November 25, 2011

'I Loved Her First'

Growing up without a father around, I was never emotional about father-daughter relationships.

On my wedding reception, I didn’t give much thought on the father-daughter dance because there was just no one to dance with (well, there were a lot of wedding reception traditions naman talaga that we didn’t follow and do, so no big deal. ^_^). I never cared about songs that I came across with regarding fathers and daughters. Deadma lang.

But when I heard of this song this morning...

Can’t say that I’m affected in a way that I can relate (because I'm not a father? ^_^), but I find it so sweet as I thought of my Hubby and Amber. I feel that the song speaks so much of what my Hubby (or even me as a Mom or whoever who has a child) will feel when the time comes. I even picture them dancing while the song plays. I know it’s way too early to think about these things but blame it on the song! It made me envison of things that I know are still decades away.

Maybe it was also brought about by the conversation that the Hubby and I had last night. I asked him how he felt the first time he saw Amber at the hospital nursery. He said he has never been prouder. He can’t believe at first that she’s real... the Amber that we used to imagine of having whenever we see kids, was really there...

As the song goes...
From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep

Pero teka... di ba I loved her first first? ^_^ 


  1. such a sweet song! korek sis,it should be "I" para sa case nating mga mommy! btw,ang pagka-cute ng baby pic ni Amber,chinitang-chinita :)

  2. Taammmaaa! You loved her first.
    Grabe, naiyak ako sa video. I was also thinking of the same thing... our daughters 20+ years from now.

  3. @jo- thanks, sis! alam mo ba na kamukha nya yung ob ko nung lumabas sha. pinagtitinginan talaga sha nung nurses kasi daw kamukhang-kamukha ni Dra. Ong. hahaha!

    @em- sino ba naman ang di magiging emotional. di man tayo lahat parents, lahat naman tayo child, be it to our father or mother.

    ewan ko ba, of all daughter-father songs, may kilabot factor sakin tong song na to. ^_^


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