Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Amber is Ready for Christmas Decors!

She immediately ran towards and posed beside this Christmas tree when she saw it. Good thing Mommy already has her camera phone ready to take pictures! I was still so hung-up about that Daddy-Amber scene that I’ve missed at Booksale earlier so I have been holding my CP since then.  ^_^

I really wonder where she got this kikay posing from?

No, I didn't instruct her to hold anything. She did that by herself.

Kunyari candid. ^_^

Then she started reaching to the ornaments.

...and admiring each of them!

Mommy thought of a better idea! ^_^

Because of this, and with Mama’s permission, we decided to put up a Christmas tree in the house this year!!! Yey!

Mama never did put up a tree or any Christmas decor inside the house since Papa died 5 years ago, 12 days before Christmas. We still miss Papa. :(

I am so copying my blogger friend Joan’s beside-the-Christmas-tree picture of Xian!!! Hahaha! Gaya-gaya much! Because it is really copy-worthy. Go check it for your self... click the link!


  1. naks,thank you naman for the mention sis! :) ay,excited na ko makita picture ni Amber beside the Christmas tree,i'm sure super adorable ni Amber girl kase she really knows how to pose, umaanggulo pa talaga.kyooooot! post it soon ha? :)

  2. ay sana lang ma-achieve din ang lighting effect churva! haha!


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