Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tagaytay Christmas Get-Away (Part V: Pictures and More Pictures!)

My last entry for our Christmas vacation will be about the things that we did the most in Tagaytay... picture-taking!

Day 1

We checked in at the hotel and went to mass in the evening.

Day 2

Our plan to visit Paradizoo on Christmas Day didn't push through because I've seen from their website that they have increased their entrance fee from P99 to P199 per head. The Hubby was willing to go but I wasn't. Call me kill-joy but I call my self prudent. Hahaha, pagandahin naman natin ang term na kuripot. Basta lang, I don't feel like I should spend close to a thousand peso (since there are 5 of us) to meet and greet the farm animals, no matter how adorable they are, no matter how I wanted Amber to see them. Pero sabi nga ng Nanay ko, one of these days, you will be so willing to go there to the point of spending even more than that. O, e di sige, hintayin ko na lang kung kelan yun. Sana may manlibre. ;-p

Instead, we went around the hotel, let Amber play at the playground for a while...

And strolled around the hotel's premises...

Amber snoozed after her bath and while she waits for the elders to dress up... 

After that, we went to Taal Vista Lodge for a good view of the lake and volcano. I like that they allow non-guests to go in to take a full view of the Taal lake but if I were a guest, I will feel uneasy because there are just too many people already. Nevertheless, let us take advantage of this non-guests privilege while it lasts, shall we? ^_^

Paid P100 for the parking. That is good for 1-hour worth of picture-taking!

Amber says, "wul-key-noh! wul-key-now!"

We still took some shots back at the hotel lobby before calling it a day...

Day 3

We stayed on bed until there was just enough time to catch breakfast downstairs. After eating we went again to the hotel's backyard to greet the sheep. We had to because Amber kept on tugging us to their direction while she says, "sheeeeep! sheeeeep!!!".   

After that, we went back to our room to pack our things.  

A little pictorial while the bill is being settled

We went to the local market to buy fruits (pineapples!!! lots of them!), vegetables and some pasalubong. Mama also bought flowers from the stalls along the road on our way home. 

The pineapple farms were so nice to look at. I just couldn't take a good shot because I was carrying a toddler who is sound asleep. ^_^

There goes our 2011 Christmas get-away! Looking forward to more get-aways with the family this coming year. ^_^

Happy holidays everyone! 



  1. saya naman ng christmas vacation :) i remember last year we're planning to go here come December tas napalitan ng Bohol, ang ending di pareho natuloy.haha! oh well papel.

    btw,ang sexy at pretty mo already! :D

  2. ay oo! minsan nga mas okay pa yung biglaang lakad.

    yeahboy! thanks sa ego-boosting remark sis. i am trying my best talaga to fit in that sexy churva attitude. kaso sarap kumain e, kaya kiber na lang sa figure. hahaha!


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