Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tagaytay Christmas Get-Away (Part III: The Food)

We planned to have our dinner at LZM Restaurant (known for its famous boneless bangus) on our first night in Tagaytay. But it was already closed when we got there so we settled ourselves at Shakey’s in Robinsons. We had to make our dinner quick because we have to attend the 9PM mass and it was almost 8PM then.

Our dinner was uneventful, except for Mama’s outrage against the staff for their very poor service. I kept on telling myself to let it pass because it was Christmas and maybe they were just all eager to go home. But Mama couldn’t stop herself by the obvious inattentiveness.

The next day, we had the buffet breakfast at the hotel. The choices were very limited but I was surprised that I was so full from what they have served. 

Konsensha: Eh kasi naman yung plate nya pati lunch at dinner, kasama na!

Garlic Rice, Tocino, Chicken Adobo, Corned Beef and Ham

Vegetable Omelet

Breads, butter & jam with Lugaw

I said I can live for that day without having to eat again. Pero shempre chika lang yun! Ako pa, hindi kakain!?

We went out again in the afternoon and went to Josephine’s to have our late lunch there. But my goolay! Andami pa ring tao! It was already 3PM and the place was still packed! When the Hubby inquired, we were the 17th in the queue. As in aabutin na pala kami ng dinner dito!

No matter how I like to eat at Josephine’s while enjoying a good view of the Taal lake, I wasn’t crazy to wait that long so we went back to LZM Restaurant instead. No Taal lake and volcano in horizon but the food was great!
The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of I-don't-know-building.

The famous boneless bangus. P350

What's a trip to Tagaytay without Bulalo? P450, unlimited soup

Ampalaya Con Carne (which I love!) and Pancit

After our late-lunch-snack or snack-early-dinner combo at LZM, we passed by Robinson’s Supermarket to buy crackers for Mama, potato chips for Hubby, milk for Amber, instant coffee for my coffee-addict Nanay and mountain dew for mwah!  

Side kwento... Mama is so funny! Hubby and I saw her smiled and blushed when she saw that there were a lot of Korean nationals inside the supermarket. Bakit kaya? Feeling nya nasa Korea na sha? I bet her ultimate dream now is to travel to Korea. Oo, kakabugin nun ang Europe trip nya with Papa and her US vacations. She even announced to us that her Mabuhay Miles can now give her a free airfare to Korea, kelangan na lang nya ng kasama. Ikaw na talaga, Ma! "It’s you already"!

The next day, we binged on the hotel’s buffet breakfast again. Sayang I wasn't able to take pictures but they served Pasta, Pancakes, Tapa, Danggit and Mami this time. The salad and bread bars were still there. I ordered for a Mushroom and Cheese Omelet and it was soooo good! ^_^

Hay! I'm still so hung-up on Josephine's. It was a decade since I last ate there, I was sooo craving for the Mutya ng Cavite (it's a seafood soup ^_^)! Haiz! 


  1. Food galore! Miss ko na ang bulalo dyan! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family! God Bless!

  2. Na-curious nmn ako san yang LZM na yan. Hahanapin ko nga where pag nagpunta kmi ng Tagaytay since highly recommended by you. Naku, hirap talaga sa Josephine's. Dapat yta pagtilaok ng manok, andun kna :)

    Merry Christmas, sis!


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