Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Nail Polish From Nature Republic

Since I mentioned nail polish in the earlier blog, maikwento ko lang...

I wonder why Mama, my younger SIL and I like hoarding bottles of nail polish when in fact, we do not wear them most of the time. Bakit nga ba? Sabi ni Mama, the colors are so nice that she can't resist having them. O sha, ganun na din ang reason ko! ^_^

Just recently, we bought 3 bottles from a newly opened Korean beauty and healthcare shop in SM Fairview, the Nature Republic. Shempre, ongoing pa rin ang Korean addiction ng aking MIL dear! She has been waiting for this store to open ever since she saw the photo of one of her many favorite Korean actors Jang Geun-suk in the posters. His hit (according to my MIL) series You’re Beautiful is being watched by my MIL almost every day in youtube, I don’t know how many times she has watched it.

They have a very nice shop by the way. Super maaliwalas yung store. I don’t use much beauty products but I indulge myself in looking and trying out their products. They have this coco something body mist that smells so good! Mama jokingly said, “ganito pala amoy ng Koreans, mabango ha!”. Hahaha!

On their opening day, they gave away product samples...

Anyways, going back to the nail polish... so we bought 3 - pink for Mama, silver for SIL and the yellow gold one is for me. I don't know but I'm loving sparkling yellow colors lately. So excited to try them on! They are only P60/bottle. Very inexpensive, no? I’ll comment on its quality as soon as we have tried them on. ^_^


  1. katuwa naman si MIL mo,Korean craze talaga eh no? naku adik din ako magcollect ng nail polish sis,most of the time sa Watson's na lang ako bumibili kase mas affordable.hehe! i like your choice of colors :)

  2. I can't wait to see those painted nails and toes. Hindi saken magtatagal ang cutix, max na ang 3days. Hehe.

  3. @jo- nakow, sinabi mo! thanks, excited na ko mag-weekend so i can try them all! all talaga no? hehe! one color per nail.

    @em- why naman 3 days lang? haven't decided yet which one to try first kaya lahat sila balak ko gamitin at the same time.

  4. I also dunno. Cguro kasi mashado akong conscious sa nails. Once it starts to chip off, remove agad. Probably because sa tagal kong maligo at maghugas ng pinggan nabababad sa water ng matagal :)


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