Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prepaid Or Postpaid: Which One Are You?

I am a prepaid cellphone person. I have had several postpaid accounts before but I still prefer keeping a prepaid account. Why? I am too lazy to pay my bills. Sometimes, they just pile up until the network company cuts my outgoing calls.

The same happens when your prepaid account ran out of credits but at least buying a prepaid card is way simpler than lining up at bills payment centers to pay your cellphone bills. So prepaid works best for me! ;-)

It gets better! :-)

There is this not-so-new feature that tells you your current load balance every after a phone call. It even alerts you when you are almost out of prepaid loads like this:

Gives you a heads-up when it's already time for a reload. Sooo kyewl, isn’t it? ^_^


  1. Once a prepaid, always a prepaid. Im afraid to go over the limit kc. hahaha

  2. hahaha! oo nga pala, i failed to mention that one very important concern din. ^_^


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