Wednesday, December 21, 2011

M&S After Dinner Mints

I love this gift-giving season! Kasi it makes me discover nice stuff and foods that I would normally not care to try IF I HAVE TO BUY IT myself. ^_^

One example is this chocolate with mint filling from Marks & Spencer that the Hubby’s boss gave them.

I have noticed this several times at M&S’ display but I didn’t gave it much notice. Ang favorite ko kasi yung dark chocolate na Digestive, so yun lang ang focus ko pag napadpad ako kanila Marks.

Oh-la-la! It’s yummy! I love it because it’s dark chocolate and the mint filling isn’t overpowering unlike some that I’ve tasted before. Sabi ko nga di ako mahilig sa mint-chocolate, but when I tried this, I might reconsider that statement. Hehe! 


  1. lately naaappreciate ko na mint chocs,may nadiscover ako this week sa supermarket na dark chocolate with mint from chips delight.nasa P30 sya sis,pwede na din pangtanggal umay pero mas bet ko yang chocs from M&S.hehe!

  2. @jo- ay oo, nakikita ko yun. minsan nate-tempt ako i-try kaso ayoko talaga ng mint on chocolate. pero now that i know it's not that bad naman, masubukan nga yang chips delight.

    @em- my next bite will be for you, sis! ^_^


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