Monday, December 05, 2011

AJTI: Yaya Update

I wanted to keep mum on this topic for a while because there are developments that seemed to be stopping us from pursuing our plans. It’s not a happy thing for me so I’d rather not talk about it at the moment. *After the holiday season na lang. Hmp!* Thus, the absence of my AJTI post for quite a while.

But last Sunday, an applicant for a yaya came in (yes, we are still in what looks like a never ending search for a yaya... hindi na nga perfect ang hanap ko eh, just plain yaya lang!). I was hopeful although my enthusiasm in finding a yaya has waned due to the aforementioned development. L

I thought she will fit in. She has been the Hubby’s nephew’s yaya 8 years ago. She has been with them for 2 years until she and my SIL had an argument about something she didn’t want to discuss until my MIL left us to talk. They had long settled that between them anyway.

She agreed to all of my conditions only asking for a 1-day off every week, which I understand because she also has to manage the finances of their household. She is married but doesn’t have a child yet.

But I didn’t like her. Why?

One, not even 5 minutes after arriving, I already heard her said “pucha” several times. She also said 'gago' in one occasion referring to the previous helper. She excused herself of talking quite loud. I don’t mind. But by loud, I wasn’t expecting foul mouth!

Two, this is by the way the Hubby’s observation that he himself found offensive, not to him but for me (aww, thank you for looking after me all the time!). Whenever she has questions for me like my job, etc... she kept on addressing it to my MIL even if I was there. I understand that she feels more comfortable with my MIL since she worked for her previously but I will be her employer now. The Hubby told me afterwards, “Bakit, akala ba nya si Mama ang magpapasweldo sa kanya?”. Hay naku, my husband is the quiet type pero when he feels that I, or any of his family, is being mistreated, ay lumalabas ang pagiging rebolusyonaryo nyan! Even my MIL told her to address her questions to me because I will be the one to decide whether we'll take her in or not.

Three, she keeps on telling Mama that she should have also asked the other previous helper to come that time so they can see each other again. Helloow! Pinapunta ba sha dun para makipag-reunion?!?!

And most importantly, she left this impression on me that she is the type who lays hands on children. I don’t know. It’s weird but just watching her, I had that impression and that feeling made me have goose bumps. Ganon pala yun. When it’s for your kid, your instinct is always at its height!

So ayun, the long search is still on.

To add up to my kwento, after she left, we called my SIL to ask her feedback about the yaya, not that I still consider but I just want to validate what my intuition was telling me. And true to what I felt, she said her son suddenly became temperamental during the time she was the yaya. There were also instances that she found out na kinukurot yung bata. Hay naku, kahit malaki sha sa kin, feeling ko kaya ko sha i-ngudngud sa sahig pag nalaman ko na kinurot nya yung anak ko! 


  1. Oh no! Your SIL should have mentioned to you the reason why she left. If only i know someone who could be a perfect fit to be Amber's yaya, bibigay ko sayo. The only yaya na nakasundo ko when I was still living with my parents no longer works for my mom. Sa QC na siya ngyon although she visits us twice a year or if time permits. She's good with kids and mabait at masipag tlaga sya.
    Which reminds me, have you watched "The Helper"?

  2. yeah, we should've asked my sil first. we actually plan to kaya lang atat mashado kaya ayun, we were only able to consult her after the 'interview'. buti na lang hindi pretensyosa ang yaya at kitang-kita agad ang ugali.
    sa qc? is she working there? baka naman she's looking. hehe!
    not yet. what's it about? suspense ba?

  3. Yup, sa QC na sya nagwowork as yaya padin. Last time I talked to her she was looking for another employer kaso when her amo knew, biglang tinaasan sweldo niya kasi ayaw tlga sya pakawalan.

    Nope, not suspense. The Help pla.. not The helper. Bummer me. hehe. Naalala ko lng. One of the scenes sa movie, the baby got so attached sa yaya niya but the yaya had no choice but to let go. Download mo. Make sure you've got tissues with you when you watch it ha :)

    Btw, sorry nmn. I thought you were updated sa The walking dead. Here's the link kaso up to episode 7 lng:

  4. ay! tear jerker! parang ayoko panoorin baka pati ako ma-attach sa yaya. hahaha!

    need to create an account pa sa pspiso eh, i'm tamad. hehe. i watch sa, okay naman quality, i just need to make time para matapos ko na panonood. hanggang ep7 din pa lang sa tubeplus. i stopped at ep3 pa lang. excited na ko to watch kaso busybee! haiz.


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