Friday, December 16, 2011

Flowers & Beetles Bangle

I seldom use fashion accessories. I always stay on the basics and what is on the safe side – watch, a simple earring and since I was married, my wedding ring – yes, that’s me forever! Safe-safe! ^_^

But while walking around the mall yesterday, this bangle caught my attention. 

Para shang may sumpa na sa dinami-dami nila dun, my eyes were locked on this particular bracelet. So I tried it on! It was nice. It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Then I thought, maybe it is time for me to do a little accessorizing! And since it’s very affordable naman at P120, I decided to buy it. Now, I have to convince myself in using it often so I could get the hang of accessorizing! ^_^


  1. Cute! Sorry to burst your bubble, sis, but bracelets like this are only Php 50.00 at Market2 :)

  2. ay ganon?! that proved na wala akong muwang sa fashion accessories! di ko knowing kung san mura. wehehe!

  3. Anu ka ba. Pareho lng tyo :) Nagkataon lng na my mum got bracelets there kaya nalaman ko agd san mkakabili ng mura. Mas mahal pa nga yan sa greenhills ng Php 30. Ayan tuloy naobvious ang pagkakuripot ko. Hehehe.
    Anyways, apir tyo! I go out of the house with a simple watch, wedding ring and earrings (na pang baby pa nga). Hehehe

  4. hahaha! ano naman!? pag nahilig na ko sa accessories, susugurin ko yang greenhills kahit laging ma-traffic. dun na lang mas mura pa ng 20 petot. hehe! cheers to the kuripots!


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