Friday, December 16, 2011

My Ekonomista Advantage

Sometimes it pays to be frugal! :P

See this skirt? ->

I love the combination of the colors and the fabric is so soft that I wanted to instantly buy it when I saw it months before. It was also during a sale when I saw it but it was regularly priced at P369. Still cheap but my ekonomista self argued with me telling me that I can already buy 2 items if I’d get those that are on sale. So ayun, I said goodbye to the pretty skirt that I already imagined would be nice on Amber.

Then last night, I saw it again! There are only a few pieces left but what delighted me was the inviting red tag that says "50% OFF"!!! I’m so glad they still have Amber’s size. My lucky day! ^_^

This nice pair of shorts didn’t fail to catch my attention, too! Got it at P150, also at 50% off. ^_^

I think I must have bought a dozen of items from Teaberry, a brand that I only see in Robinson's Department Store. They have nice girls clothes and they are very affordable, too. Go check it out, mommies! 


  1. love the skirt,uber cute! pag baby girl talaga andami choices no? fasyon to the highest level!:)

  2. Coolness! I hope that Teaberry sells at SM too. Akira has a short like Amber's but in a different color but got it for Php 225.00 (10% off na yan).

  3. @jo- korek sis! para kang may living doll. kaso ang ending, lumalaki silang mas maarte sa mommy. hehe!

    @em- oo nga eh, i'm not sure kasi i see them lang sa Robinson's. cute ng shorts no? parang bloomer. oopsie! regular price pala yun P299, got it at less 50%. post edited. ^_^


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