Monday, December 19, 2011

The New Magnolia Caramel Ice Cream

After I posted here about the Arce Dairy Caramel Ice Cream, I found out that Magnolia also released its version of caramel ice cream. I was so excited because at least I can get it just about anywhere as the brand is widely available.

The 1.5L tub costs P199, about 20% cheaper than Arce Dairy’s.

Sigh! It didn’t live up to that of Arce Dairy’s. I’m disappointed! If you are familiar with the butterball candy, that’s how it tasted like. I still crave for Arce Dairy’s caramel ice cream even if I have a 1.5L tub of almost untouched Magnolia caramel ice cream on hand. L

But of course, your preferences may differ than mine, so I encourage you to try them both then let me know your thoughts. J


  1. Nacucurious nko jan ha! I hope it's better than Dan-Erics :)

  2. ay, i haven't tried dan-erics pa so i can't say. pero try the caramel ice cream of arce dairy, yummy talaga! not so sweet kaya hindi nakakaumay. ^_^


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