Wednesday, December 07, 2011

OC Amber

When I entered the room last night, I noticed that these bottles of nail polish were all lined up in Mama’s dresser when I remembered seeing them in disarray a while ago.

Yun pala, Daddy and Amber were in the room a little earlier. Daddy said Amber arranged the bottles while he was looking for something. As in inayos nya yung nagkalat na nail polish! How nice this baby girl talaga! Keep it up, sweetheart! ^_^ 


  1. awww,kisses for you Amber girl! even at her early age gusto nya pala in order mga things,take note she grouped them according to the color of the nail polish cap.bongga ka! :)

  2. oo nga no! i didn't notice that. hay naku, i can sense oc-ness talaga sa kanya even at this early. napapansin ko she always returns things to where she got them from pag tapos na nya gamitin. sana nga lumaki shang masinop. ^_^


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