Tuesday, December 06, 2011

One Size Smaller

The Hubby was sorting these shirts that our Ninong from the US brought for him. While he wears a long-sleeved shirt that is just 1 size bigger than him, Mama commented that it already fits him and he can actually use it. The Hubby particularly said that he should only wear the exact size to 1 size smaller than him, because bigger sizes, even only 1 size bigger will make him look lousy.

Hmmm, that sounded sooo familiar! Made me think where I heard of it before. Esep-esep...

Then it rang a bell...

Ryan Gosling said so in Crazy Stupid Love!

I thought he wasn’t paying attention?!?! I thought it bored him because it's a romantic film?!?! Di ba nga he asked me to buy him lots of foods to keep him awake during the movie?!?!

Ha-ha! This husband of mine talaga! Kunyari pang not interested! Wehehehe! I should have asked him to watch Breaking Dawn with me! Pfffttt... ;p 


  1. Funny nmn si hubby. Pasimple pa kunwari nanonood :) Cheers to more chick flicks then :)


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