Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kalurking Come Back

It’s only now that I noticed that I haven’t had an entry for 1 week already... 1 week!!! Despite a lot of things I wanted to share and make chika about, I chose to be in my quiet solitary state. Ewan ko ba, basta nade-depress ako with a lot of things. But today, I try not to mind them na lang muna because of the Christmas season. Kaya magkukwento ako ulit!

Hmmm, where to start... okee, let’s begin with this print on a pack of rice that we found in Landmark.

Hanudaw??!?! So kaka-windang. I kept on thinking what they meant by ‘Not a Suicide’. Is it because the farmers reaped the rice and it didn’t kill nor die by itself?!? Naku, pasensha na po, mahina talaga ako sa interpretation. :-(

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