Monday, December 05, 2011

Daddy’s Little Helper

Sigh! I still think about the Silver Cross Light Weight Stroller in black, gray and beige/white fabric that we saw in Landmark Trinoma. We could’ve bought it if not for the ekonomista in me. It won’t be swayed no matter how nice the stroller is! L

Eh kasi, oo nga, andun na ko that the Silver Cross stroller will be more convenient for us since it’s not bulky compared with Amber’s Graco stroller but the point is that she still has a stroller. And my frugal self is telling me that it’s not practical to buy another one... even if it’s lighter,... and smaller,... and nicer, ... and prettier... *sigh!*

So we decided to bring out the Graco stroller that we have already packed away. We thought it better to bring a stroller however bulky it is rather than break our backs from carrying Amber whenever she doesn’t feel like walking in the mall.

Daddy’s job in putting the covers of the stroller back couldn’t be a lot easier without a little help!

It was a good thing that we didn’t use it for quite some time. Amber seemed to miss it and wanted to sit on it the moment all the covers have been returned.

We just hope that we can use it more this time and that the little girl will not get tired of it easily to refuse on sitting on it like she did the last time. 


  1. we also have a bulky stroller but buti pa kayo bec amber stays in the stroller! we already gave up on bringing the stroller with us whenever we go malling bec alonzo refuses to to even sit on it!

  2. hi irene. problem din namin yan before kaya itinabi na ni hubby yang stroller. he just thought of giving amber and the stroller another try. it was a good decision because amber was now very eager to sit on it. maybe you just have to give alonzo and the stroller a break from each other. haha!


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