Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Holiday Treat

November 30 is a holiday in my beloved homeland. It’s the birth date of our national hero, Andres Bonifacio, hence, it’s called Bonifacio Day. Since there is no work (don’t we just love holidays? ^_^), we planned to go to the Ayala Triangle Garden to witness the lights and sounds show called the Symphony of Parols.

We’d love to see it on a weekend but they only have schedules every weekday. So we thought it was a perfect holiday agendum.

But to my dismay, the plans didn’t push through. *sad, sad, sad*

The Hubby went biking early in the morning and had a migraine attack when he got home. I had to do something else that will distract me from being livid.

So here comes Blueberry Cheesecake!

I’ve been craving for this for so so long!

Following what Em shared in her and My Mom-Friday’s blogs, I have been equipped with the ingredients for quite a while. Only waiting for the right time when my cravings will outdo laziness. So in a way, thanks to the Hubby for giving me this ‘push’ (btw, you are so grounded from biking! ;-/)

The ingredients...
Crushed Graham, All-purpose Cream, Cream Cheese,
Butter, Nutmeg, Cinnamon,  Milk. Not in the picture are
gelatin and sugar.

The star of the recipe! This will now be a staple in our cupboard. Why not? Since I almost lost stamina in attempting (and failing) to make a fluffy cheese and all purpose cream by whipping it manually, I might just buy a cheesecake next time from a bakeshop and have it topped with this. Instant Blueberry Cheesecake na din di ba?

After hours of waiting for it to set in the freezer, tadaaaahhhh...

And here again is the lovely sinfully homemade Blueberry Cheesecake.

All the beating and whisking are so worth it!

For the recipe, just hop on to Akira and Evertything Nice and My Mom-Friday. Have a happy no-oven baking! Just a friendly tip, it’s an advantage if you have a mixer. *wink*


  1. natatakam ako,haha! if ever matuloy ang meet up in the future,dala kayo ni sis Em ng inyong famous blueberry cheesecake ha? :)

  2. Aside from the never ending mixing of the cheese, How was it? I also don't have a mixer but melting the cheese and butter is a great help although nakakapagod pdin.

    Very intriguing ang Symphony of lights na yan. My sister is begging us to go there too. If ever matuloy kmi, sana magkita tyo :)

  3. @jo- ahuhuhu! naalala ko tuloy ang meet up sana pag nakalipat na kami. may wento uli ako kaya lang i don't want to ruin the holiday mood kaya ayoko pa ikwento. ahuhu! but yes, someday pag nagkita-kita tayo, pwede carbonara na lang akin? sis em na lang blueberry cheesecake? hahaha! namili talaga no?

    @em- my SIL helped me mix the cream since may experience na sha pag-whip while ako sa cream cheese. dusa sis! but sabi ko nga, it's worth it! mas masarap pa sha sa blueberry cheesecake ng contis! hahaha! medyo matigas lang yung crust ko e, wonder what went wrong.

    oo nga, pwede! kaya lang we can't go na on weekdays. sa dec-18 ata may special weekend schedule sila. sana we all can go para masaya!


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