Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Of Both Worlds

Who said I can’t satiate both my craving and curiosity at the same time?

Plan was to have Dark Mocha Frappe with Roasted Chicken Pesto with Mushroom Sandwich but the latter was unavailable.

Suddenly, the new Chicken and Mushroom Pasta offering of the most favorite bee in town came accross my mind. Starbucks and Jollibee, why not?

So I took my order of the frappe and headed to the nearest Jabibi store!

Surprisingly, I liked the pasta! Not the Best-I’ve-Tasted like, but something I would be willing to eat again. It has a sweet-real tomato taste that is a far cry from the usual fastfood spaghetti. Basta it’s good! For me at least. Teka, nasan yung chicken?!  ^_^

For the lack of garlic bread (because Jollibee does not serve their pasta with breads), I paired my spaghetti with Sour Cream Flavored Fries. Pwede na din, but Potato Corner’s is way better! :p 


  1. kakagutom naman yan,mukhang bagay naman sila sis.i wanna try the chicken and mushroom pasta.mukhang masarap! makadaan nga Jollibee maya.hihi!

  2. So true! Potato corner's sour cream french fries are way much better :)

  3. @jo- oo sis, they complimented each other naman, lalo na pag gutom ka and craving! hehe!

    @em- my favorite sa potato corner is the bbq flavor. i like that it's a bit spicy.


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