Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tagaytay Christmas Get-Away (Part II: The Hotel)

We stayed in Hotel Kimberly.

I learned about this hotel through one of their Account Executives who went to our office to offer us a corporate rate.

I had so many apprehensions when I made our reservations because I haven’t heard of this hotel yet. And there were a few negative reviews I’ve read from the internet written when the hotel just opened in 2008 -- from lack of hot water and limited cable channels to so many petty things. I am just hoping that they have improved on these areas since then.

I was even concerned that the weather might not be as cold in that part of Tagaytay because they are away from the Lake. Not the usual site where the well-known hotels are situated. I even asked the reservations officer if it is cold there to which she replied, “Malamig din po, Ma’am”. Her answer didn’t give me an assurance at all. Basta kelangan malamig or else, mapapahiya ako sa MIL ko!!! 

It was a good thing that I was able to avail of the corporate rate on my first booking. That gave us a savings of P1,000 per night! Yay!

We got to the hotel at 4PM. It wasn’t hard to locate despite it being in a more private area. We were welcomed by the coolest Tagaytay breeze! Nanginig kami sa lamig when we got out of the car. I had to let Amber put on her jacket for fear that she might catch colds. The weather was really comparable to Baguio. Tuwang-tuwa ang MIL! And that made me happy, too! ^_^

We were greeted by friendly people. One staff gave Amber a welcome candy cane that I allowed her to munch on, Christmas naman eh.
Her first candy experience!

Our room was in the 4th floor, the highest level and it has a veranda where we got to enjoy the cold air even more. We didn’t turn on the A/C anymore. We just opened the veranda doors to let the natural breeze come in. ^_^

View from the veranda

The beds were comfortable but the pillows were too soft that we needed extra pillows to support our heads. The TV wasn’t LCD TV yet like what other hotels already have but it wasn’t a problem at all since Mama and the Hubby were so engrossed on their respective laptops enjoying the hotel’s WiFi to even notice it.
Look at how they presented the towels, so creative!

The bathroom is small but we all agreed that this is the best place in the room! My bath time took longer than the usual. I love that the water was warm and the shower head is big and wide! It makes you feel like bathing in the rain with lukewarm water. It was so relaxing!

The room service was fast and we felt surrounded with cordial people talaga. 

Argh! I wasn’t able to take a picture of the lobby from the second floor, the view would’ve been nicer! Anyhow, the Christmas tree will greet you as you enter the lobby.
Front desk with Mama in the foreground

The Christmas Tree and the way leading to the Cafe

Waiting Lounge

Hotel Entrance (Exit)

They also have a make-shift fireplace on one side. Very cozy, isn’t it?

The hotel also has a small recreational area for families and friends. A mini-gym with a backdrop where you can get to have your before and after picture like this... ^_^
O, ayan Ma, your trice a week trips to the gym already paid off! Lol!

There is a swimming pool para sa mga malalakas ang loob na magswimming! The smaller one is a kiddie pool. Mind you guys, these pools didn’t remain untouched! There were actually some children swimming in spite of the very cold air. I think it’s okay though because the pools were strategically located in the area where the wind is being blocked by the hotel building. Still, it was cold! Brrr...

There is a play area for kids which Amber loved! Sayang lang the slides were wet because of the morning dew so the Hubby didn’t let Amber slide... alone! Yes, kasama shang nag-slide. Ang cute!

Further from the hotel is a small farm with chicken and sheep. There is also a mini-garden with some vegetables.

We loved the place! Mama said that we are definitely staying there again on our next Tagaytay vacation.

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  1. Wow nmn! Sarap ng vacation :)
    Buti pa si MIL may time mag-Gym. Hehehe. Mukhang hindi lng si Amber ang natuwa sa slide, pati si daddy. LOL!


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