Monday, December 19, 2011

Saying Thank You And Welcome

We always teach Amber to say ‘THANK YOU’ when called for and almost always, she never fails to say so. That makes me so proud and happy because aside from having good manners, I know she will be a grateful child.

But lately, there are a few instances that I didn’t hear her say ‘thank you’. Like this one time that I gave her banana after she asked for it, so I immediately called her attention.

Me: O, Amber, what will you say? Di ba dapat “thank you”?

Amber (who was about to walk away, came back and flashes her big grin): You're welcome, Mommy!

So ano yun? She has moved on to a new lesson? Hindi na ‘THANK YOU’, ‘WELCOME’ naman? Haaay, kids!


  1. Oh my! I can so relate. Akira says welcome too if we remind her how to say thank you :)


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