Monday, December 05, 2011

Hainanese Delight

My Mom-In-Law who is frequenting SM Fairview lately due to her regular gym sessions has been raving about this newly opened restaurant (well, fastfood, since it’s on a pay as you order basis).
Oopsie, sorry for the (lack of) lighting. ^_^

The menu. So affordable!

Those pictures on the wall made me hungrier! :(

Hubby has a twin?!?!

Despite a lot of people liking the Hainanese Chicken, I wasn’t very keen on trying it because I find it raw-looking but my MIL insisted that it’s very good.

So we tried it yesterday. Please note that I haven’t tasted Hainanese Chicken before this, so my knowledge as to how this recipe should taste like is very limited if not nil. And my assessment is based only on this dish that is being served at Hainanese Delight. ^_^

What did we order?

Mama and the Hubby both got Chicken Heaven, which is Boneless Chicken Barbecue in real life.
Chicken Heaven, P120

I got to taste it and it was very good! It has that rich sweet-barbecue taste that I certainly like.

Because I really can’t force myself to order the raw-looking Hainanese Chicken, it was a good thing that they have the Hainanese Fried Chicken! It’s the same recipe, only the chicken were fried. Thank heavens!
Hainanese Fried Chicken, P120

It didn’t disappoint! I liked it! The meat is tender and tasty! I even liked the sauce. I thought that the serving was small but I was already full and still had about 1/3 of it left. The hesitant Hubby was swayed into taking a bite and he ended up finishing my ulam. ^_^

Then we shared the Classic Dumplings that Mama said we should try. It came in a soup!
Classic Dumplings, P80

We ate the dumplings, there were about 6pcs of them, like regular dimsums with chilli sauce and soysauce. Then I sipped the hot soup which I wasn’t able to finish because I was already so full!

They serve Peach-flavored Iced Tea for refreshment at P40 for a large glass.

It was a satisfying meal and we only got to pay P560. They serve unlimited Hainan Rice by the way. J

Sauces Galore: Ginger, Chili and Soy Sauce

Amber waiting for her order

She had to try Hainan Rice, too!

I wish she could consume at least half of that! But she ate fairly a lot!
Mommy is so happy... yun lang, we have to tell her to lower her voice
whenever she asks for chicken and screams, "chicken joy!". LOL


  1. This post is so KaKa! Kakagutom! Too bad limited lang ang mga choices dito sa probinsya :(

  2. kakagutom talaga sis, they have wide variety of yummy-looking dishes, gusto ko try lahat! hehe! hay, if not for the crazy traffic, sarap sana to drive further and explore no?


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