Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Pizza Place Discovered

Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza from Handuraw Pizza (err, don't ask me where they got the name, I didn't ask!), a place we chanced upon on the way to the Hubby’s uncle’s house in Paranaque...
That's 12" of thin crust pizza loaded with thin pepperoni slices!
Crunchiness to the max!

We also got Potato Mojos for Amber...

It tastes like the one I make using any store-bought chicken breading. But the pizza was a revelation (...oo na exagge ^_^)! Eh kasi naman, we had so little expectation from it but it turned out delicioso! The thin crust has just the right flavorful crunch.

The Hubby had the biggest deceit of his life though. He didn’t expect that hidden under the thick cheese topping are loads and loads of onions. Usually, he is very vigilant about the toppings of his pizza, as in kinakalkal nya talaga! But the cheese did a great job concealing the onions. Dahil masarap ang pizza, nilunok na lang nya pati yung onions, hahaha!

Handuraw pizza is located inside Merville in Paranaque, try it just in case you pass by the area. ^_^
The frontage of Handuraw Pizza. Sorry for the poor angle. ^_^

Daddy's chasing and kissing the little finger while it tries to escape.

They also deliver around Paranaque area.


  1. ang unique ng name.i agree,sometimes meron talaga mga pizza place na masarap din that will give other sikat pizza parlor a run for their money. reasonable price na,yummy pa! teka,i want mojos! :)

  2. bigla tuloy ako napaisip sa handuraw. ;-|
    you really just have to be adventurous in trying out different restos/diners and for sure, you'll find one na mega-revelation! hahaha!

  3. Wow! Nakakatakam nmn yan. Buti pa kyo mahilig magexplore. Takot kasi ako magtry ng something new especially kung gutom. Matutuwa dito si sis Maqui for sure.


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