Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Movie Date Thursday: Ghost Protocol

Hola! This lulubog-lilitaw online status of mine is making me anxious. Dami ko nakakalimutan ikwento, hmpf!

Anyhoo, days before Christmas, I was still busy as a bee. Now it’s days before the New Year and I am still a working bee! Why is that?!? Akala ko ba down ang Semicon industry?!? Well, it is but there seemed to be so many things that are needed to be done in the office. Very ironic!

But the Hubby and I managed to sneak in our busy lives a movie date last Thursday. Yey!

We saw MI:Ghost Protocol... (theme on background please ^_^).

I’m so glad we did despite having a migraine towards the end of the movie. Yes both the Hubby and I had migraine attack and we blame it on the cinema’s poor video focusing, CALLING FESTIVAL MALL. Or maybe it’s just our eyes failing us! Wutever! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the film.

Hmmm, I promised myself to skip on giving spoilers for the benefit of those who haven’t seen Ethan Hunt’s latest mission but... allow me to indulge a bit. ^_^

The movie is full of unbelievably daring stunts and pursuits that will make you palpitate. Entertainment at its highest baga! Never a dull moment. I tried doing a little ‘madam auring’ at the beginning of the movie but all my predictions failed me. That’s how exciting and unpredictable, to some extent, it was.

I’m not sure if Tom really did the stunts himself but for a man at his what, late forties to early fifties to pull off such death-defying stunts is really remarkable! I’m not into Tom Cruise but seeing him in his MI movies makes me consider him hot. Hehe!
Did you nkow what I've uttered in this particular scene?
"Ang galing ng camera man!". Hahaha!

I love Dunn! The humor injected in the scenes by his character would make you pause in your nail-biting anticipation and give yourself a chance to relax before letting you plunge in yet another thrilling episode.
Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn

Of course I just have to mention... star kay Hubby the car that Hunt and Carter used in the movie! My goolay, he was almost drooling. LOL! According to him, it was a BMW Hybrid churva-churva... you know naman me, I don't speak cars so ayun, di ko na na-get kung ano sinabi nya between whispers. Basta, his face lit up at the sight of that shiny shimmering piece of running metal. Makahanap nga ng die-cast miniature nyan!

Watching movies like this always makes me wonder if these schemes of staged crimes and cover ups really happen in this crazy real world. IF THEY DO, SPARE ME! Nakakaloka!

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