Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tagaytay Christmas Get-Away (Part I)

Before anything else, a post Christmas greetings... 

Merry Christmas, friends!

Now, where will I begin?

Oh yeah! Kwento muna before I show you loads of pictures. ^_^

We planned for this trip 2 months ago, right after Mama came back from her US vacation. Shempre, init na init ang Mama, so she wanted to spend the holidays someplace cold. We crossed out Baguio because we’ve already been there last year. So where to spend a perfect cool and breezy holiday without having to travel a long distance but Tagaytay? I searched for the hotel and made reservations 2 months prior. Hindi kami mushadong excited!

The day before Dec-24, my SIL is down with flu. I woke up on the day of our departure with Mama hesitant whether we will push through with the trip or not. The Hubby by the way went out early in the morning to have the car washed before we leave. Opo, ganyan sha. Kahit 30 minutes na lang ang natitirang time to prepare, he’ll spend it having his car washed kahit na 5 seconds na lang sha maligo.

My SIL told Mama to go without her because she really doesn’t feel well and her condition might worsen if she forces herself to travel, not to mention exposing herself to a cold weather. Mama still can’t decide and told me to ask the Hubby when he comes back.

When the man of the house returned, 30 minutes after our scheduled departure, he looked displeased that we haven’t dressed up yet. Aktwali, defense mechanism nya yan, kunyari galit at nagmamadali na kasi alam nya na sisisihin namin sha dahil nagpa-carwash pa, eh paalis na nga!

When Mama told him that his sister wasn’t feeling well, he said we have planned this trip months before at sayang naman ang time if we will not push through with the plans. He suggested that SIL should go with us then stay in the hotel if she really can’t go out, at least natuloy ang lakad and nakapagpahinga din si SIL. Nice idea! But if you don’t know my SIL yet, she is the most unrelenting person I’ve ever met. Pag sinabi nya, you can’t get her into saying otherwise. Or else, pare-pareho kayo magsa-suffer! 

In the end, we went on with the plan leaving my SIL at home alone, with foods to get her by until we come back.

So ayun, that’s the start of our Christmas holiday! ^_^

We left the house 2 hours after the planned schedule. After picking up Nanay, we had our late lunch at Kenny Roger’s Roasters in Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

I’ll continue my story in the next post. And yeah, no pictures yet at this point... ^_^  

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