Thursday, December 01, 2011

Countdown Before Christmas...

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s the first of December! In just 31 days, we will bid adieu to 2011. Hmmm, it has been that long since the millennium bug?!?! :-O

Before the new year comes, there’s Christmas in 25 days! Prompted by one of my favorite blogger friend’s post (yes, that’s you EM!), I’ve made and will share my Christmas wish list in case good ol’ Santa visits. ^_^

*A hundred million lotto first prize! Sa dami ng gusto kong bilhin at gawin, that covers every material things I want to have this Christmas and the years to come. Hahaha! Nanigurado talaga!

*A healthy life for my family, friends and me of course.

*Stability, security and please, please Santa (and baby Jesus, too!), make our plans happen. You know the desires of my heart. Please grant it to me soon. Make all uncertainties disappear so we may go on with our plans.

And most of all... world peace! Bow!


  1. Aaaw. Touched naman ako. Great answers by the way. Pang Ms. Universe. Why didn't I thought of your wish list # 1? Hmm.. The walkers ate my brain.

  2. haha,dun sa hundred million lotto prize mo sis,cover na nun ang wish list namin ni sis em.o sya pabahagi na lang :)

  3. ay shempre may balato kayo mga sisters! hahaha! positive thinking attracts positive vibes. uhmmmmm....


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