Monday, December 19, 2011

Simply Bread by Chef Andrew

Hubby brought this home last night...

Look at how nice the packaging is. Lalagyan pa lang, panalo na! ^_^

Inside are Ensaimada, Taisan Bread and Chocolate Chips Bread in individual containers. 

Bongga talaga ng packaging no? Haha! di ako maka-get over sa box! 

How did it fare...

I liked both the Ensaimada and Taisan Breads. The Ensaimada has a generous amount of butter cream that gave it the rich creamy sweet taste. And I always like Taisan breads for being soft sweet and fluffy.

I didn't like the 3rd bread that much because it tasted like an ordinary bakery bread, the one they call 'torta'. Maybe if they put a generous amount of chocolate chips, it would've made the difference.

They are available in most Puregold branches. Would love to try their other products, too!



  1. ang bongga nga ng packaging sis,chuchal! sasabihin ko pa sana na mukhang masarap yung chocolate chips bread kaso photogenic lang pala :) anyway,kakatakam yung ensaimada!

  2. oo nga e, i was also excited to have a bite tapos di sha ganun ka-sarap. :(


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