Monday, December 19, 2011

Letting Go And Moving On

Nanay’s youngest brother who lives in Butuan City is staying with her for the holidays. Nanay’s family is not originally from Butuan but it has been our known province because their eldest sister has lived there since she got married. Nanay decided to give birth there too. J

Some of my cousins in the province asked me if I have clothes that I no longer use that my Tito can bring with him when he goes back to Butuan. They don’t usually ask me for anything so sharing with them some of my pre-loved clothes is not something I’ll have second thoughts of doing.

Most of the clothes I have in the closet in Nanay’s house are those that I used before I got pregnant. I never planned to dispose of them because I was still hoping that I can use them one of these days. I sorted them out, took out those that are size small and those that I have accepted I really couldn’t use anymore. Hey, I can now fit in medium-sized clothes noh! The biggest I own now is size L. At least graduate na ko sa size XL! ;/

The closet ended up EMPTY! As in not a single dress or top was left! Na-depress na naman ako! L

Pero sabi nga, the first step in MOVING ON is ACCEPTANCE. So there, I have ACCEPTED that my cousins need the clothes more than I do and so I’m MOVING the clothes on to Butuan!

Kunsensha: Echos! In denial pa din!


  1. Gnun na nga.. Ako, I'm having a hard time accepting the fact na magkakasha pako sa mga damit ko, I still can't let go of them. Nakaka-frustrate lng ngyon when we go shopping kc ang papayat ng mga manequin. Wla bang nilabas na larger than life nun?

  2. sinabi mo! minsan i tried on a top that i saw on a girl. excited ako to try it on pa naman kasi ang ganda dun sa girl na nakita ko eh. nung sinukat ko, parang ibang yari ata! iba yung itsura nung ako na may suot, ahuhuhu! i even seriously considered having my dresses custom-made after i gave birth! wala kasing magandang fit na rtw! hmpft!


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