Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More books for Amberly!!!

What is a visit to Booksale if I won’t bring home books for the little girl? ^_^ Here are my latest Booksale finds.

My attempt to entice her into using a potty (good luck to us, Ernie!)... ^_^

A book for the season...
Can't remember how much this is, around P40-50 siguro.

I was actually looking for a board book about going to the dentist but the closest I found was Corduroy’s visit to the doctor (hmmm, pwede na rin! J)...

And lastly, even if Amber has too many shapes toys and books, I just couldn't resist from buying this uber cute Shapes book that features Anne Geddes photos!...

Amber-phonics = "ur-kel... ek-tan-gel... kweyr... trahn-gel"

"staaaar... uh-val... art!"

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