Thursday, December 15, 2011

Arce Dairy’s Caramel Ice Cream

Both the Hubby and I love Arce Dairy because of their Caramel-flavored Ice Cream!

For the past days months years, this flavor is always out of stock. So imagine how our eyes went big when we saw this at Landmark Supermarket...

Quite disappointing though that most of the supermarkets that we know that sell this brand, only have the Caramel flavor in 750ml can. Hallow! Isang kainan lang kaya namin yun. It’s not naman practical to buy more than a can because it will come out mas mahal and we’ll have too many tin cans which I’m sure Mama will be so annoyed at. Super minimalist kasi ang peg ng MIL dear ko... doesn’t want too much of anything around, especially if it's a potential clutter. ^_^

When I asked the merchandiser if they have it in a bigger can, yung at least 1.5L, she said out of stock – geesh, forever na shang out of stock! ;-/

Okay then, we’ll just content ourselves with an itsy bitsy serving per craving time. I hope they produce more of this in bigger packaging para happiness!

Try it, friends. I’m sure you will love it, too! ^_^


  1. wow! im salivating right now. wish ko lng meron ganyan sa Sm grocery. hay.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Di ko pa na try ang caramel flavor ng arce. I will surely try that at sana pag nag grocery kami e may stock. hehehe! Ang lagi ko binibili which is lagi madalas din wala stock e yung calamansi sherbet ng arce.

  3. meron pa,penge! haha! miss you sis,oh yes ganun ka katagal nawala :)

  4. @em- based on experience... wala sa sm! corny no? or at least the SMs where I went to doesn't carry the brand. or malas lang ako. hehe.

    @anney- the calamansi sherbet i haven't tried. now i'm curious. hehe! there was a dark caramel flavor before, and that tastes better! kaso wala na ngayon.

    @jo- shempre wala na, isang kainan lang e, haha! thanks, sis. oo nga, got pretty occupied the past week.

  5. The caramel ice cream by Arce Dairy has been my favorite since I discovered it when I was in high school. Sadly, now that I'm no longer in the Philippines, I haven't found a single brand of ice cream that can fill the hole this deep, rich, complex ice cream has left in me. I really miss Arce's caramel ice cream. If you can find their Dark Caramel ice cream, then count yourself extra lucky! I've only had it a couple of times, but it's just as wonderful and even more deeply flavored than the caramel stuff.
    I once found a half-gallon container of caramel ice cream in the Robinson's Supermarket in Eastwood earlier this year. I couldn't buy it as our freezer was small and full, but you might want to look there for your Arce fix.


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