Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet Treats On Heart's Day And A Big ?

So Valentine’s Day is over? Yuhuuu! Done with my Valentine’s Day hibernation. LOL!

And it makes me feel great knowing that my hubby and I are not the only Scrooges of Valentines. From what I’ve read during my blog-hopping, there are quite too many. ^_^

Oh yes, we’ve never ever gone out on a date on Valentine’s day even when we were still dating. For so many reasons. One of them is the terrible traffic. Another is having a hard time finding a place to dine since most of the restaurants are jam-packed with we-must-date-on-valentine’s-day couples and families.

But! Medyo naiba ang ihip ng hangin this Valentine's day. Nope, we still didn’t go out on a date. But the Hubby gave me sweets! I would have thought that it was only a coincidence that he gave it to me on the 14th and it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day but he also greeted me a Happy Valentine’s. Hmmm, anong nangyayari?

Oh well, he actually gave me Kitkat chocolates, a heart-shaped cookie (which Amber munched on the moment she saw it) and this:

Why Kitkat? Because a few days ago, I was scouring our fridge for Kitkat. I was really craving for it. I’m so happy that he remembered that without me reminding him! Well, ganun naman ako kababaw eh, thoughts alone make my heart melts.

The Meringue Bites? For the record, I’m not really fond of it. Why he gave me that? It’s his favorite. So now, you know why he bought that for me. FOR ME DAW! Ang sweet di ba? (^_^) But I brought it with me sa office so hindi din sha ang kumain. Hahaha!

I have to admit that I was surprised that he gave me treats on this particular day. Making me think if this is some sort of a plot, you know, just like in the movies where the actor suddenly does things extra out of his way for the lead actress before he spills out a smelly bean. Or maybe, I'm just over-analyzing things. Baka nga napana lang ni kupido ulit si Hubby loves.  

So anyhow, that’s just us, the not-celebrating-Valentines-Day-couple. But to those who celebrates V-day, a late heart’s day greetings from me to you! ^_^


  1. Scrooge here :)

    Good job on bringing the Meringue to the office. I would have done that too if I were on your position. Hahaha

  2. oo nga eh, i've read that you are. apir! haha!

    yup, it's still in the office, unopened. pero i might bring it home later. sayang din eh. nang-asar lang. hehe!

  3. wow,meringue addict ako sis! gusto ko yan! :) ok nga strategy mo na dalhin sa office,tamang asar lang.i'm sure nagtagumpay ka dun.hehe. belated happy hearts day senyo ni amber girl!


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