Friday, February 24, 2012

Amber, Our Sleep-Guard

Mama and I were chatting yesterday when she mentioned something that Kate told her about Amber. Conversation went like this...

Mama: Alam mo, mabait talaga si Amber.

Oh sha Ma, love and patronize your own. Hahaha!

Me: Bakit, Ma?

Mama: Kagabi kasi, pumasok si Kate sa kwarto. Tulog na daw kayo (Hubby and I), si Amber gising pa, nakaupo lang sha tapos sabi nya kay Kate, “Tita Kate, quiet lang ha, sleeping na Mommy, Daddy.” (while her index finger is on her lips, hushing Kate).

Aaawwww. Mama continues...

Mama: Ganun din nung isang gabi, pagpasok ko sa kwarto, tulog na kayo pero gising pa sha. Sabi ko sleep na Amber. Sabi nya, “Ok Mama, good night”, tapos pumikit na sha.

There was also an instance when she wanted to play with me, I was really tired then and would fall asleep in any minute when I heard her say, “Mommy, tired na? Sleep ka na ha!”.

I guess, the days that she jumps on me and pokes my eyelids when she wants me awake, despite my grogginess, is over! She now understands that Mommy needs to sleep, too. Hurrah!

She really is a sweet little girl. I hope she stays that way. I pray that she grows up not scared to express her emotions, pretty much like us when we were growing up. Yeah, we are guilty in that department. But I’m trying to correct that for Amber. No matter how sleepy I am, I always always remember to tell her I love her before I drift to sleep she goes to sleep. Why would I ever forget telling her that when I get the sweetest reply of I LOVE YOU, MOMMY from her every time I do! Haaay! The joys of parenthood! ^_^

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  1. awww,sweet naman ng munting dalaga nyo! teka,baka iba binabantayan nya sis kaya ganun.gwardyado kayo ni Amber girl.hehe.


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