Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Old-Fashioned Magic Slate

Nanay gave Amber a Magic Slate. Yes, the old-school magic slate! I didn’t know that they still have these in stores these days.

For the benefit of the very new generation -- before the dawn of those Magic Magnetic Writers that are made of a white plastic board enclosed in a plastic casing where there is a protruding button that you slide to erase whatever you have jotted down on the board, we used to write on and play with these old fashioned paper/cardboard magic slates.

She just stared at it when Nanay gave it to her. She looked uninterested at first. But when we showed her how to use it, especially when she saw how the scribbles were erased with just a single flip of the plastic-like-paper, she became excited to use it.

Yun lang, I wasn’t able to take pictures of her sketches as she was very quick to erase them. ;-\

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