Monday, February 06, 2012


One thing I cannot leave the house without is my hankie. I’ve been a handkerchief person since highschool. There was a time that bandanas were uso, I got to use them, too! It was just a little bulkier because I had to fold it more to fit in my pouch unlike ordinary hankies.

Then I met Ate Gay who is also a hankie person. She introduced me to Armando Caruso. Ever since, I’ve only used Caruso handkerchiefs because of their quality. I like that the cloth gets softer after every wash. They are very durable too! Some of them I have been using for almost 10 years now and they are still as good as the new ones.

Here are some of my teddy-printed hankies. I prefer using them over the ones with floral designs.

Eh why would I not like them? They make me feel youthful. Feeling ko elementary lang ako pag ganito ang panyo ko. Teehee! 

Nice no?! ^_^

I can’t count how many hankies I have lost and each loss really broke my heart. I do treasure each of them so much. Why not, they are getting more and more expensive every year! Imagine paying P89 for a piece of cloth? Duh, expensive para sakin yun!

My officemates know how addicted I am to Caruso hankies. As a result, I got half a dozen to a dozen of it every Christmas for 4 years! And that saved me a lot because until now, I haven’t bought a new one yet. I have just enough! LOL.

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  1. I stopped using hankies when I realized I lost too many, which mostly, were not mine. Haha. Most were my dad's. I didn't know they have those cute designs pala. Binibili kasi ng mommy ko was either plain or checkered lng.
    Correct ka sis, the older the Caruso hankies are, the softer the fabric goes. My husband wouldn't trade those even with Bench or other brands :)


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