Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Color Game Night

Nowadays, it’s Amber who dictates what we do before sleep-time. Sometimes she would ask us to sing or jump on the bed or dance or count or she just sings at the top of her lungs making neighbors wonder if we are butchering a pig late at night. Last night was a color game night.

The Hubby and I pointed at things then Amber would identify their color. I’m surprised that she already knows ‘brown’ and ‘gray’ in addition to the primary and secondary colors that she knows, not to mention ‘black’ and ‘white’.

Often times, we test her by identifying colors wrongly like we say red for orange. She’ll look at us and say, “orange yan, da bah?”. She sounds so funny.

Then the Hubby asked her, “What color is Mommy?”. Amber said “Pink”. ^_^

In return I asked, “What color is Daddy?”. Without thinking, she said, “BROWN!”. Daddy made a face.  J

See, she really knows colors by heart! Okay na yun Daddy, at least she hasn’t learned color intensities yet, wala pang dark, medium dark, light, etc. Or that she didn’t say ‘black’. Hahaha! Saka that’s what really happens when you have outdoor activities, your complexion suffers. ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Ang galing nmn tlaga ni Amber. Hahaha. Natawa ko dun. Buti nlng kakulay mo si Amber. Kasi si Akira kakulay si Khan. :(


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