Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looking Forward To March 1

Tomorrow is March 1! Yipeee!!!

This day is special for me and to those working in Muntinlupa City because it’s a local holiday for us. It’s the city’s Charter Day. Since I moved in with the Hubby’s family in Caloocan when Amber was born, this has been my ME-TIME of the year.

People at home, except the Hubby, think I go to work. They haven’t found out that I sneak out every March 1 and do whatever I fancy. Well, I don’t really do something outlandish naman. This is the day I give my Nanay my undivided attention. 

I go to her on March 1. Not that I don’t go to her often but on this day, I go there alone and spend almost the entire day with her, without the Hubby and Amber. We just eat, chat, nap and eat and chat again. We would go to the mall if she feels like it... just like when it was only us. Shempre, it's more fun now that we have the Hubby and Amber but it just feels good going back to the old times once in a while.

Because the Hubby goes to work, he will drop me to Nanay's house instead of in the office in the morning. Then we will just meet after his work and go home as if it was an ordinary work day for me. ^_^


  1. Not anymore, sis! Nabasa na ni MIL or ni SIL etong post mo.. hehehe. joke :)

    Try watching this vid with your mom:
    Kaya lng baka hindi kna pauwiin nun :)

    1. good thing secret sa kanila ang blog na ito. hehehe!

      naku, nikakabahan naman ako sa video link na itech, makabagbag damdamin ba? ^_^ i'll watch it later. alone muna, hehe!

  2. sarap naman,abang na abang ko din dito samen pag may holiday sa town namin. enjoy your time with your nanay sis! :)

    1. thanks, sis. i had a restful day with nanay yesterday. ^_^


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