Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Pink And Yellow

“Amber din, PINK! Amber din, PINK!”

I was really puzzled as to whatever 'PINK' it was that she wanted. I have already showed her bunch of toys that are pink but she just kept on saying she wants ‘PINK’! It wasn’t even her pink punas (washcloth) that she wanted.

When she started to show impatience, I tried to calm her and asked her if she can bring Mommy the ‘PINK’ thing. She turned her back at me, left and after a while, she came back with this...

I see, it was her vitamins! Who would have guessed? Eh hindi lang naman pink ang nandun, meron din yellow, purple, etc.!

Then I just figured out that she only chews the pink tablets. She would put all the other colored-tablets back. Sino kaya ang iinom nun, duh?!?


One night, days after the first incident, she came to me and said she wanted ‘YELLOW’. With confidence, I picked out a yellow tablet multi-vit from the same bottle and gave it to her. Sabi, “Ayaw! Amber din YELLOW”. Hala! Nagpanic na naman ako! Ano na naman kaya yung ‘YELLOW’???

Again, I told her, “O sige, can Amber bring YELLOW to Mommy?”.

She came back with this...

I know. Orange naman yung tablet but since it’s on the pale side, sige na, pagbigyan na natin ang bagets. Yellow kung yellow!

So Mommy, meet PINK and YELLOW! Never forget that they are PINK and YELLOW!

It’s not easy to make her drink her vitamins pero pag naisipan, she asks for it any time of the day, kahit before bedtime. Si Yellow, we let her take at most 2 tablets a day since it's only Vit C. But with Pink, we only give her once a day.
There you go, the tale of PINK and YELLOW. 


  1. Uy, same pla sila ng vitamins ni Akira :)

    Naiisip ko plng na panu kung makita niya yung color TikiTiki, she might refer to it as Brown nmn :)

    1. korek! ay, i used to give her tiki-tiki drops kaso ngayon ang hirap na nyang painumin ng syrup. i guess 'brown' will not work for her. :)

  2. ah eto pala si pink and yellow! ang kyooot mo talaga Amber girl :) gustong gusto din ni Xian ang Ceelin,"candy" naman ang tawag nya. anong vitamins sis si pink? mapa-try nga,ayaw kase ni Xian ng syrup.choosy! hehe.

    1. zoiron multi-vits sha sis. it was my mil who bought it para ma-try daw namin if she is ok with chewables na. ang hirap na kasi painumin ng syrup, dati no problem pero now, hay! away lagi!


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