Monday, February 13, 2012

More On Amber’s Korean Craze

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you in a nakakapagod na dance number... Amber!

So funny! And she was also very game in having her video taken while she dances to the tune of Kung Tari Shabara by Ms. A and 2PM. The latest favorite dance song in the house! Courtesy of course by Mama dear. ^_^

This is how the video goes...

She enjoys the song so much that she drops whatever she’s doing just so she can dance to this song. Maybe because of its very catchy music and the cute and easy dance step who I think anybody could dance with (But no!!! You will never catch me dancing this! I’ll make sure of that. ;-p).

Argh! Judging from these videos, I better save up for her dancing school if I’d like her to dance with Bugoy (that cute little boy that dances so good in ABS-CBN) in the future! ^_^


  1. Galing ha :)
    Amber, can you teach Akira to dance, too? Apparently, she only makes ikot-ikot when we ask her to dance. :)

    1. sure! madadagdagan yung ikot-ikot step ni akira ng talon-talon. hahaha!


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