Monday, February 13, 2012

Mister Donuts Tuna Sandwich

Since I’m a suki of Dunkin Donut’s Bunwich and Croissants, I was enticed to try Mister Donuts sandwiches for a change.

They have this very nice serve-yourself-donut counter and restaurant in Trinoma. Sayang lang di ko nakunan ng pichur yung display nila. It never fails to make me drool over those mouth-watering treats!

I ordered for their Spicy Tuna Sandwich at P45 (hmmm, surprisingly affordable!). While they were preparing my sandwich, I indulged with my favorite Mallow Bites and Coffee Freeze. Yeah, I know, sweetness overload!

I am sooo proud of this shot! ^_^

Before I was finished with my second Mallow Bite, here comes my sandwich...

The first bite reminded me so much of Century Spicy Tuna! In fact, it’s just that with mayonnaise. I didn’t taste any seasoning at all. Zero for effort! L I swear that the tuna spread my SIL made a few days ago is by miles better!

Oh well, it was filling nevertheless.

I maybe just had the wrong choice of sandwich for my first Mister Donuts sandwich experience. Looking back, I should’ve ordered that burger they serve with potato chips. It looked more delish! Will definitely try that on my next visit and hope that it is indeed better.

They also have pasta which I’m so willing to try on my next food adventure. ^_^


  1. You should be proud of that shot talaga kasi nagutom ako sa sa Mallows :(

    Sis, try mo din ang "Sunriser" ng Country Style if sawa ka na sa Dunkin donuts. Yummy din cya :)

    1. hehe! incidental lang yung pagkakasama nung mister donut logo at the background. i was focusing on the coffee and mallows. i only learned it was there when i was reviewing the photo. buti hindi mumu ang napasama. hahaha!

      i'll take note of that sis. the name sounds yummy nga! what's in it?


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