Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Chocolate Chips Cookie!

Who is not familiar with Cream-O? It’s like the local Oreo, isn’t it? I so love their chocolate-coated-vanilla-cream-filled-chocolate-sandwich-cookies (whew! Boy, that was loooong!). It used to be my baon when I was in elementary. ^_^

Now, they have lots of goodies to share. Let me start off with their Chocolate Chips Cookies, which my officemate gave me before he went out for a fieldwork. Thanks-thanks!

Each pack comes with 2 cookies. I like that it has a generous amount of chocolate chips in it.

Verdict? It has the right amount of crunchiness and sweetness for me. It leaves a bitter taste to my tongue though, making me think that the cookie was a little burnt. Pero overall, I enjoyed munching it. ^_^

Looking forward to trying more of Cream-O's new offerings.  


  1. favorite din ni Xian yan sis,di nawawala sa snacks nya and super yummy nga kase nakikishare ako minsan.hehe.

    1. haha! ako din, i usually buy snacks for amber na gusto ko para pag ayaw na nya, akin na lang. ^_^

  2. Fibisco chocolate chip cookies!! try it :D


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