Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Crazy Get-Together

My highschool friend Jhulie Anne is in town for a vacation. Of course, the group didn’t let it pass to be an excuse to meet up. ^_^

Roll Call, L-R : Jhulie, Yes-yes, me, Piche and Ate Liza. All mommies now!

We had dinner at Cravings. As usual, we will not be tagged as the Crazy Girls for nothing. We must have annoyed a few customers, to whom I ask forgiveness. It is not every day that we meet so pardon us for being a bit loud and for behaving quite inappropriately, pleasy-please?;-)

We were so busy making chika that I forgot to take a picture of the food we ordered. :-(

It is always a blast to meet up with these girls. Never a dull moment! What we mostly talked about are our kids, motherhood, the people we are displeased with (yes, we also share our dislike for some people), giving birth the CS way (since 4 of us underwent CS), the guys in highschool (who most of the girls regret of admiring, they almost puked, lol!) and a lot lot more!

After we had our tummies full (THANK YOU JHULIE FOR PAYING FOR OUR DINNER ^_^), we spent some time at Starbucks courtesy of Ate Liza naman. Well, we went there because Cravings will be closed in a while and I had to wait for the Hubby to pick me up before we finally call it a night. Though I wished the night would be longer.

We bid adieu at 10 past 12AM. I was still in high spirits that time. Feeling like 16 again.

Thank you, girls! You never fail to make my evening fun-filled! I am so looking forward to the middle of next year for our bonggang reunion with our families. I’m sure it will be an epic event!


  1. Your smile is infectious :) Kamukhang kamukha mo talga si amber, sis!

    It's nice to have some "me and my girls" get together talga. And I'm glad you had yours. :)

  2. haha! thanks, sis! that's what i've been telling the hubby but he refuses to believe.

    oo nga e, kung pwede lang every week may girls night out. ^_^


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