Friday, February 10, 2012

Parental Guidance

We’ve always been very careful in the movies and TV shows we watch whenever Amber is around, especially when she began being gaya-gaya.

Ngapala, she has this very funny way of responding whenever we tell her she’s gaya-gaya. In her most malambing way, she’ll reply, “ano baaaahhh”. I swear, her voice sounds so flirtatious. San na naman kaya nya napulot yun?!?!

We were watching a comedy film, which title I forgot (ako yung makakalimutin di ba?) and thought it harmless when all of a sudden a character said “SH!+”. We didn’t give attention until the little girl, who we thought was all absorbed in browsing her book said, “sh!+”. Ay, nawindang kaming lahat. We didn’t know what to do. Nobody even thought of telling her that it is a bad word. Basta natameme kaming lahat. It was unexpected talaga.

I know we were wrong not to tell her right there and then that she shouldn’t say it, but we all thought it’ll be forgotten after a while.


Then her book fell and she uttered the 4-letter word again! Hay, so kaka! That time we were already thinking straight and explained to her that what she said was a bad word and she shouldn’t keep on saying it. Mukhang naintindihan naman kasi sabi na lang nya, “bad word”.

Lesson learned: Always always practice Parental Guidance when you are around a quick-witted toddler! 

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